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La Villa Rouge 
     Inhabiting an elegant colonial house and touting a seemingly sophisticated name, La Villa Rouge is a great spot for a date or a big deal business dinner. It sounds expensive and it is, but the quality is so evenly distributed throughout that the experience is worth it.
     The attention guests receive from the opening of the car door to the presentation of the menu is as close to professional as you can get in Shanghai. Even though the staff is well trained and smooth, they tend to be a little too formal and serious, making the atmosphere a little uneasy.
     Come early for an aperitif at the cozy and comfortable bar near the main door. The main dining room, which intimately seats 30 diners is on the second floor, just past a small open kitchen. Two more private dining rooms are available up on the third floor. The restaurant d¨¦cor incorporates photos of some old celebrities with warm lighting, and an air of very formal French dining. This potentially stuffy atmosphere is balanced by a touch of soft fusion on the menu, which blends French, Italian, and Japanese cuisines.
     Every week four set menus are created. Choose from four-courses (YY380nett), five-courses (YY480nett), eight-courses (YY580nett), or nine-courses (YY680nett) per person. We chose the eight-course accompanied by a glass of Peter Lehman Shiraz.
     The meal, which covered a broad range of flavors, started with very fresh seafood and herb salad served with lemon vinaigrette. Each dish was served in small portions with a clean presentation. Highlights like a tasty crab cake served with crunchy bamboo shoots and su-miso sauce and steamed Norwegian salmon served with fresh oyster in champagne sauce were well received (the sauce was perfect for dipping a crusty, rustic bread). For a main course La Villa Rouge offered very tasty saut¨¦ed Black Angus beef and sweet bread with Dijon mustard and garlic cream sauce.
     Perhaps the best thin about an eight-course menu are the two desserts courses. The first was fresh fruit with Kirschwasser sabayon gratin. The sabayon was too thick and all the fruit beside the pineapple wasn¡¯t blended very well. The last course, La Villa Rouge¡¯s special dessert, was a light baked chocolate terrine that melted in your mouth. That brought the long delicious meal to a close.

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