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Make a wish to Longhua Wishing Tree during CNY Golden Week Holidays
    Proudly situated outside the main entrance of Shanghai Longhua Temple, Longhua Wishing Tree is one of the most famous and crowded tourist attractions in Shanghai during the Chinese New Year Golden Week Holidays. Come and worship the Longhua Wishing Tree and your wishes about seeking true love, happy marrige, fortune, good health, luck, joy and peace will come true in the Year of Pig, as the old saying goes. This event occurs daily from now and ending Sunday, March 4, 2007.
     In the old days, people say the Longhua Wishing Tree could help people to achieve wishes. Through the many years, word spread and people flocked to this Tree to make wishes. Now covered in deep crimson and bright yellow (lucky colors) seen from a distance, the popular Longhua Wishing Tree is laden with wishes written on bright red and yellow papers. Today, it not only attracts people from around Shanghai, but it is also popular with foreign visitors.
    How to make a wish? First, buy a red package. Inside the package you will find pieces of yellow or red papers where you can write your name and wishes on. Then wrap the paper up and tie the paper to the red package and try your luck by throwing your ¡°wishes¡± on one of the branches. The tree is said to be quite generous with its magic and a lot of people re-visit it every year.
     The auspicious Longhua Tree, originated from the holy legend of the Buddha, is shaped like a holy dragon spreading out hundreds of blossoms. For thousands of years, the tree has attained an everlasting fame. The tree is now re-incarnated to advocate Buddhism. Its new shape is made of copper and resembles a pagoda with a luxurious canopy. The tree shoots out golden branches with colourful leaves, giving out brilliant auspicious light. The new tree base is formed by 8 auspicious scenes carved therein symbolizing long life, joy, luck, success, happy marriage, fortune, happiness and security. Under the gorgeous 10-metre tree canopy, the entire tree base is dotted with a thousand blessing words with a hundred blossoming lotus in between carved in 3 layers as the tree foundation. The carved dragon looms dimly and the auspicious music reaches far. The tree glitters beautifully under the sun and shines exquisitely in the moonlight. The tree bears wisdom and thus could realise best wishes for believers.
Shanghai Xuhui District Tourism Service Center