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VIWE: 7178
Market Xuhui
     Over 2,000 athletes from 150 countries plus thousands of spectators from all over the world. That is a number no one can afford to ignore. Decision-makers in Xuhui District certainly will not. No efforts are spared to prepare for the 48th World Table Tennis Championships (WTTC), which will be held in the district from April 30 to May 6 this year.
     Concurrently, the week from May 1 to 7 is what has become known as one of China¡¯s three Golden Weeks, during which consumer spending is expected to climax. So what Xuhui has to do is clear: do all it can to entertain the athletes, spectators and Chinese consumers with rising disposable incomes.
     As part of the efforts to attract and retain consumers, Xuhui¡¯s landmark Grand Gateway Plaza has experienced a facelift. On the steps leading to the front door of Grand Gateway Mall, a 7-meter paddle-holding dolphin, mascot of the 48th WTTC, has been erected on a ball that represents the globe. As the professionals will be competing for the championship, the plaza will host a variety of events including all sorts of performances, a photo exhibition and ping-pong games.
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