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Shanghai ¡°Marseilles Week¡± Unveiled in Xujiahui Park
     Shanghai ¡°Marseilles Week¡± jointly organized by the Marseilles City Government of France and Shanghai Municipal Government was officially unveiled in Xujiahui Park a few days ago.
     Marseilles Mayor and Vice President of French Senate Jean-Claude Gaudin and Shanghai Mayor and Deputy Party Secretary Han Zheng attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the completion of ¡°Hope Spring.¡± Han Zheng welcomed the coming of the delegation of Marseilles and wished a big success of the ¡°Marseilles Week¡± in his speech delivered at the ceremony. Vice Mayor Yang Xiaodu, District Mayor Sun Chao and Vice District Mayor Zhou Xiufen attended the opening ceremony as well.
     Starting from May 29, Shanghai ¡±Marseilles Week¡± will last one week.
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