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The Large Photo Show¡ª¡°Chen Yuan and Shanghai¡± Held in Shanghai Library
     On June 13, a large photo show¡ª¡°Chen Yun and Shanghai¡± was held in Shanghai Library and over 6,000 people have visited the exhibition.
     On June 13,1905,Chen Yun was born in a poor farmer¡¯s family in Liantang of Qingpu District in Shanghai and in the over 70¡¯s years of Chen¡¯s revolutionary life, Chen¡¯s name had been closely associated with Shanghai. After the reactionary ¡°Gang of Four¡± were cracked down, Chen Yun timely put forward the plan to invest and build the Bao Steel and contributed greatly to the reform and opening up of the country. His action principle of ¡°following not superior or book but only facts¡± is what the entire party has been learning from so that the party should serve the public and the administration should serve the people.
     To enable visitors to further learn about this period of history, Shanghai Library also scrolled the latest TV documentary ¡°Life of Chen Yun.¡± As learned, the show will run from June 13 till June 19 when all people can come to visit for free.
     (Source: Xuhui District Cable TV Center)
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