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The Shanghainese Believe Good Food Does Not Discriminate£¨1£©
    £­The Irresistible Appeal of Shanghai Hengshan Road Old Villa Restaurant Delicacies -
     Shanghai Hengshan Road, the Oriental Avenue des Champs Elysees, has been famed as a meeting point of cultures more than a century ago. Westerners filled Hengshan Road with their exotic cultures, and imbued Hengshan Road with an elegant, cosmopolitan flavour. Along with them, they brought exotic architecture and exotic culinary traditions.
     The many quiet and elegant houses of different architectural styles scattered along Hengshan Road area always leave tourists astonished. These old villas began to rise at the same time as the emergence of foreign concessions. Now shops, restaurants and bars occupy many of these historic buildings. What Hengshan Road old villa restaurants offer is thus a complete dining experience - the ambience, service, location, history. It¡¯s not just about the food.
     A delegation headed by Shanghai Xuhui District Tourism Bureau with 2 professional chefs from Shanghai is now in Hong Kong to promote Hengshan Road old villa delicacies. The travel sector and travel media in Hong Kong have opportunity to observe a live demonstration of signature dishes of the two chefs, one specializes in Shanghainese cuisine, the other fusion food.
     An English website will be in operation by the end of August and an English travel book will also be published in the same month to better guide overseas tourists and gourmets thorugh Hengshan Road¡¯s enduring wealth of sights and international cuisines.
     ¡°The diverse, multi-dimensional attractions of Hengshan Road with its old villa restaurants, along with the versatility of Shanghainese and international cuisines can surely generate increased business for our catering industry, give our travel trade partners an excellent opportunity to create enticing culinary packages, enable visitors to enjoy the finest examples of Shanghai¡¯s classic dishes, and finally, cement Shanghai¡¯s position as the Culinary Capital of Asia,¡± says Ms Ingrid wing-sai Tang, Deputy Bureau Director of Shanghai Xuhui District Tourism Bureau.
     Ms Tang points out that Hengshan Road food represent a perfect world and a new Shanghai. ¡°Hengshan Road owes its culinary reputation to the superb presentation as well as fragrance and taste of its cuisines. Over the years, the chefs of Hengshan Road old villa restaurants have absorbed and adapted the best of these, no matter their origins ¨C Western, wealthy Chinese or common working class. The result was a gastronomic melting pot of diverse flavours and styles.¡±
Shanghai Xuhui District Tourism Service Center