Hengshan Road Today

     About 2.3 kilometers long, Hengshan Road was first constructed in 1922 by Police Consulaire Francaise. Its old name was Beidang Road, and was renamed ¡°Hengshan Road¡± in Oct.1943. Its over 80-year history has left many outstanding historical architectures and human landscapes for Hengshan Road now. One end of the Hengshan Road connects with the bustling Xujiahui District, where gathers a large quantity of young white collars working in foreign-founded enterprises; the other end adjoins to the areas of embassies and high-class residences, where is inhabited by a large quantity of foreign working persons and the crowd with relatively higher social class. Recently, along with the increasing prosperity of Xujiahui business circle, Hengshan Road ceaselessly rediscovers its cultural and historical extract details, combining the business and tourism, and putting priority on the development of businesses such as the catering industry of different countries¡¯ tastes and customs, leisure bars, entertainment and bodybuilding. Moreover, Hengshan Road also develops to a proper proportion the monopolization of brand customs and the works of arts and crafts etc., and develops the characteristic service, preparing to construct an all-around elegant consuming area. Now, Hengshan Road has built an atmosphere of unique individuality, enterprise culture and management characteristics, and is making great efforts to construct a leisure and characteristic street of European taste and custom of New Shanghai.

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