Cycling Into History

     In 1849, the French Concession was established. Around 1860, The TaiPing Army marched close to SH. In excuse of defending XuJiaHui Catholic Church, a road for military use , which began from the western gate of SH and ended in XuJiaHui along the western bank of ZhaoJiaBng., was constructed. This 8500-meter-long road connected the XuJiaHui Catholic Church to French Concession area, which also drew the prelude to the extension of concession area.
     After 1900, since its second extension, French party still kept on its effort to enlarge the concession area by means of laying road in the area which exceeded the boundary. In 1901, ShanZhong Road( ChangShu Road nowadays)¡¢BaoJian Road ( BaoQing Road nowadays)¡¢BiXun Road( FenYang Road nowadays)¡¢DuMei Road ( DongHu Road nowadays) and etc. The road within the area which exceeded the boundary had been 25390M long since 1907. After that JuLanDa Road ( JuLu Road nowadays) and FuKaiSeng Road ( WuKang Road nowadays) were constructed. The area was extended to XuJiaHui.
     In 1914£¬the consul ¨C general of France reached agreement with Chinese government. French party enlarged the concession area by exercising its police right over the road within the area which exceeded the boundary, thus finishing its third extension. Its southern side was extended to French XuJiaHui Road ( XuJiaHui Road and ZhaoJiaBang Road nowadays), the western side was extended to Britain XuJiaHui Road( HuaShan Road nowadays)
     In 1922, new urban main road based on stone roadbed was constructed----BeiDang Road ( HengShan Road nowadays). Soon a lot of high-grade residence would appear.
     In 1923£¬BeiDang Road(HengShan Road) was just constructed. Compared with the bustling downtown area, the villas here were of another world.
     If the eastern old concession boasts prosperity, then the new area of concession boasts quietness and elegance¡ª¡ªYou can find quiet and flat road here, lined with beautiful tress. Elegant villas are always sheltered by thick trees. In fact, this is high-grade residence area.

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