Cycling Into Future

    This is the unique place with European-style outlook but also embodying Chinese elements. The elegant disposition with the shade of plane trees in the daytime、the gentle jazz with all the lights on、glittering candlelight、wine glass、the aromatic relish of freshly brewed coffee, all above corporate the unique charm of the historic look protection zone of HenShan Road and FuXing Road, which is the biggest in scale in SH.
     The small villa with hundreds of vicissitudes is connecting the past to the present by its variegated but beautiful outer wall. The content inside the wall does boast Chinese characteristics and elegant atmosphere , which also represents the feeling of tomorrow.
     HenShan Road is a boat loaded with culture. The port is time and the restart makes it much richer in essence and set as the classic.
     HenShan Road is like a quiet and elegant lady. With the growth in age, her glory in the past days gives birth to her elegant and easy disposition.
     If you wanna experience this unique flavor, please participate in the protection and exploitation of the historic look of HenShan Road and FuXing Road. Let¨s join hand to make a blueprint of the perfect tomorrow.

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