Beni housr is an old and famous bar in Hengshan Road.
The bars of different styles add luster to the night view of Hengshan Road. The lighting evokes nostalgic moods among urban dwells.
Hengshan Road continuously exploits the inside information of culture and history, combines business with travel, puts priority on the development of management modes such as the special flavor catering of various countries, the recreational bars...
 Tea house 
The tea house is warm and silent in Hengshan Road, you can just order a bottle of tea, and then you can read all books ...
Hengshan Road has a lot of sports places, such as Shanghai International Tennis Center, Xujiahui Public Basketball Court, Oden bowling hall.
In the Hengshan Road there are some famous cimenas.
The Hengshan cinema is the first newly built in Shanghai since the PRC was established, the The Paradise Cinema City is also the first cimena to have digital firm equipment.
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