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  No.139 Taiping Road.

Shanghai Silk Commercial Building Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Silk Commercial Building Co., Ltd. is a foreign-related appointed unit of tourism and appointed shop for state guests in Shanghai. The company has successfully received dozens of countries¡¯ Presidents, Premiers, Heads of States, Prime Ministers, Ministers and their wives from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania and the friends from all over the world. Our company¡¯s silk and woolen cloth, the brand of which ¡°Qifang¡± is one of the famous ones in Shanghai, is also one of the name brand products and have been gained high praise from honored guests. Company takes the feature of surface cloth of high-taste silk and woolen cloth. The company carries out the designs by itself, processes the products at certain places, and annually puts out hundreds of species of new flower styles and new varieties for customers to choose. Moreover, the company enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad with the new flower styles, good quality and excellent service, and enjoys the good name of ¡°King of Silk¡±. The company¡¯s dress department of state guests takes one¡¯s measures and tailors for not only the political heavyweights of all countries and the leaders of domestic central government but also all the domestic and foreign guests, and carries out the rapid service of tailoring with high quality.
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